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Understanding your Search Results

Registered with home warranty insurance

Home was or is in the process of being built by a Licensed Residential Builder and is covered by home warranty insurance as required by legislation in B.C. The New Homes Registry provides the name of the builder or developer of record and the contact information of the warranty provider should you wish to confirm details.


Home was or is in the process of being built by an individual under an Owner Builder Authorization issued by BC Housing. This Authorization allows the individual to build a home for their own personal use without being licensed or arranging for home warranty insurance. Owner builders and prospective purchasers should fully understand their rights and obligations when buying or selling an owner-built home. The New Homes Registry indicates whether conditions have been met that would allow an owner builder to sell the home.

Rental only exemption - no home warranty insurance

Multi-unit building or complex built for rental purposes for at least a 10-year period. A covenant on the land title restricts any individual units from being sold for 10 years after first occupancy of the first unit in the building, although the building may be sold as a whole.

Withdrawn from warranty

Construction of the home was commenced with home warranty insurance arranged by the Licensed Residential Builder, but the warranty insurance has been withdrawn, which can happen for a variety of reasons. The Licensed Residential Builder may be in the process of re-enrolling the building in home warranty insurance. In this case construction may not re-commence, or the building offered for sale or sold without being re-enrolled first.

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If you cannot find the home you are looking for or if you are seeking information on a home registered after July 1999 and before November 19, 2007, please call the BC Housing Management Commission toll-free at 1-800-407-7757 for assistance.

IMPORTANT: New homes not found on this registry or by calling the Licensing & Consumer Services Branch will be treated as potentially non-compliant and may not be sold until approved by BC Housing.